Static Caravan Sites

Much the same as any domestic or commercial property, camping and caravan sites will manage sewage in a way which will prevent pollution. 

Ideally camping and caravan sites should be connected to a public sewerage system however this is not always possible particularly when situated in rural areas. In this case sites will be provided with a separate sewage treatment system typically septic tanks, package treatment plants or cesspits.  

Users of caravan and camping sites should follow any guidance provided by the site owners with regard to sewage disposal. Private sewage systems can be more susceptible to bad practice and particular care should be taken to follow the 3 P’s. only put poo, pee and paper down the toilet and use cleaners and household bleaches sparingly.

Particular care must be taken when disposing of chemical toilet waste from touring caravans. The chemicals used in portaloo’s is extremely toxic in the environment and should be disposed of to dedicated chemical toilet disposal points provided at most sites.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay