Package sewage treatment plant

Package sewage treatment plants are more sophisticated than septic tanks – they’re more like mini versions of the sewage treatment works owned by water companies and dotted around the country. Most of these plants need an electrical supply, and you can often see a larger cover above ground. The sewage is biologically treated within the plant – this process allows bacteria to grow. This bacteria then breaks down the sewage, resulting in a treated effluent that can be released straight into a watercourse (subject to certain conditions).

Just like a septic tank, package sewage treatment plants need to be regularly emptied, and also serviced.

Recognise your package sewage treatment plant

Connecting to mains sewage  

It’s really important that you let United Utilities know if you want to connect to the mains sewerage system and that you follow the application process.  Details of this can be found Here

They will need to make sure the local sewer network has sufficient capacity, and that your connection is carried out in the right way to avoid problems, such as blockages or cross connections.

You can find out about the ins and outs, and apply for a connection here.

Still need further information or help? Please United Utilities here Contact United Utilities.