Top Tips - Sewage Systems Etiquette

What goes into your system can make a difference to how well it works.

Wise Washing & Cleaning

Bacteria in the tanks help break down the waste so please make sure you only use cleaners and detergents that are suitable for septic tanks and are phosphate free. There are a wide variety of phosphate free products out there at a range of prices from budget supermarket to premium range. A few minutes spent looking at labels will reward you in the long term. 

Please avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals as these will kill off the working bacteria in your tank. 

A Flushing Success

Keep it simple when it comes to your toilet and only flush the 3 P’s – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Never flush cleaning wipes, wet wipes, facial wipes, cotton buds, sanitary products, nappies or condoms. 

Sink Savvy 

Don’t pour food waste and cooking oils down your sink and as with your toilet don’t use harsh chemicals or bleach.