Septic tank

Your septic tank is usually made up of two ‘chambers’ and buried underground. They can be brick built, or made from fiberglass or plastic. The ‘tank’ holds the sewage – the solids either fall to the bottom or float to the top and the liquid drains through a pipe into a drainage field or soakaway. This drainage is really important as it removes any remaining pollutants before the liquid reaches groundwater.

Septic tanks generally need emptying every 12 months.

Recognise your Septic Tank

Connecting to mains sewage  

It’s really important that you let United Utilities know if you want to connect to the mains sewerage system and that you follow the application process.  Details of this can be found Here

They will need to make sure the local sewer network has sufficient capacity, and that your connection is carried out in the right way to avoid problems, such as blockages or cross connections.

You can find out about the ins and outs, and apply for a connection here.

Still need further information or help? Please United Utilities here Contact United Utilities.